Start Building a Strong Immune System by Susan Gianevsky

Start Building a Strong Immune System by Susan Gianevsky

Cherise Evertz

I have always been so passionate about reminding everyone I meet that a strong immunity is only one part of the health jigsaw puzzle.  A very important piece but it is governed by a lot more than just simply taking Vitamin C.  Our emotional wellbeing also plays an important part on maintaining a strong immunity too.  Our immunity is governed by the health of our kidneys, our liver, our blood, our connective tissue, our spleen, our pancreas, our cells…in saying this we know that when our immune system is switched on we feel switched on.

I believe 2020 was the wake up call on the importance of building a strong immunity. Everyone seems more concerned about their immunity and we have even learnt that our immune system is our inner body’s front line of defence against foreign substances and infectious agents.

White blood cells, antibodies, the spleen, thymus, bone marrow, complement system, and lymphatic system are all employed by our very own immune response against germs and infections. We realise that our immune system is our inner shield that keeps us healthy and protected.

Our immunity becomes our driving force and when I speak about my immunity to my clients. I suggest that my immunity is governed by an engine that never fails me as I am so passionate about eating the rainbow of fruits and vegetables and at the same time balancing my emotional self. I ensure that my daily stresses are not derailing my sleep patterns or energy levels.

Making our health a priority is the best gift we can give ourselves. Every minute of every day is available for us to take care of our health. Our immune system is our responsibility. It is therefore important that we know how to boost the immune system at any age. As you can probably guess, healthy lifestyle choices play a significant role. Everything from your vices to your diet to your fitness habits will affect the productivity of your immune system which in turn governs the way you get through each day.


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